The Rofheart and Jones Families

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Adolph Rofheart & Family

Adolph & Jenny and their children Ruth, Robert & Will, in about 1898 in Manhattan. Clicking on the photo will bring you to the family page for Adolph's father Leyzer and all his known descendants.


I'm so happy you are here, please look around. There are over 11,000 individuals in the tree, and more are added every week. This - The Rofheart Jones Tree - is made up of two branches, my dad's side - ROFHEART and my mother's side - JONES. Within those two branches are many families and lines of ancestors and their descendants, 1.000s of cousins.

There are actually two trees on our site, the Rofheart Jones Family Tree is our original tree with 9,749 individuals & lots of photos and documents - and the Rofheart-Jones Current Tree which is more complete with 11,715 people (but fewer photos) it mirrors the most up-to-date version of the tree at and is the default tree.

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Thanks for stopping by, Evan Rofheart

W.O. Jones & Family

W.O. & Ruth and their children William Owen Jr., Evan Owen, Matilda, Ruth Jane & Percy, taken between 1883 & 1885 in Louisville. Clicking on the photo will bring you to the family page for W.O.'s Grandfather Humphrey Jones and all his known descendants.