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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bessie  Abt 1890Russia I9141 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
2 Bessie  Abt 1890Russia I9139 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
3 Bessie  Abt 1890Russia I9139 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
4 Shava  1845Russia I12941 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
5 ABRAMOVICH BRODSKY, Lieb  Abt 1875Russia I12845 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
6 Abramowitz  Abt 1886Russia I1781 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
7 Abramowitz, Benny  Abt 1886Russia I4791 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
8 ABRAMOWITZ, Harry  Abt 1875Russia I1781 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
9 Adesman - Adelman, Hershel "'Harry"  26 Apr 1880Russia I9208 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
10 Adesman - Adelman, Hershel "'Harry"  26 Apr 1880Russia I9363 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
11 ADESMAN - ADELMAN, Hershel "'Harry"  26 Apr 1880Russia I9363 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
12 ALPERT, William Sam  Oct 1871Russia I12362 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
13 Antoffsky, Essie Necy Antoff  Abt 1861Russia I7911 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
14 Antoffsky, Essie Necy Antoff  Abt 1861Russia I7650 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
15 ANTOFFSKY, Essie Necy Antoff  Abt 1861Russia I7650 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
16 Aug, Ella  Apr 1850Russia I399 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
17 Aug, Ella  Apr 1850Russia I6490 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
18 AUG, Ella  Apr 1850Russia I6490 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
19 Bassell, Anna Gertrude  Apr 1891Russia I10811 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
20 BASSELL, Anna Gertrude  Apr 1891Russia I10811 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
21 Bassell, Gertie  May 1888Russia I10860 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
22 BASSELL, Gertie  May 1888Russia I10860 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
23 Bassell, Ida  Abt 1876Russia I2565 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
24 Bassell, Morris  Abt 1866Russia I6980 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
25 Bassell, Morris  Abt 1866Russia I332 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
26 BASSELL, Morris  Abt 1866Russia I332 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
27 BELITS, Sheyna Sora  Abt 1855Russia I12313 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
28 BELLITZ, John Bellits  Mar 1854Russia I12347 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
29 BELOSTOZKY BELL, Abraham  11 Feb 1905Russia I12332 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
30 BELSKY, Abraham  Abt 1845Russia I12656 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
31 BELSKY, Bella  Abt 1871Russia I12893 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
32 BELSKY, Chilabella Bella  Abt 1868Russia I12653 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
33 BELSKY, Mosha Mary  Abt 1891Russia I12894 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
34 BELSKY, Nathan  25 Jul 1879Russia I12613 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
35 BELSKY, Nathan Joseph  1883Russia I12616 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
36 BELSKY, Sarah (Sera)  Abt 1875Russia I12652 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
37 BELSKY, Sarah (Sera)  Abt 1875Russia I12892 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
38 BLICK, Louis D  Abt 1896Russia I12709 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
39 Brady, Charles Coleman  Jan 1872Russia I4737 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
40 Brady, Charles Coleman  Jan 1872Russia I2335 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
41 BRADY, Charles Coleman  Jan 1872Russia I2335 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
42 Brief, Herman  1905Russia I10498 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
43 BRIEF, Nathan  Abt 1904Russia I11690 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
44 Brief, Otto  1903Russia I10497 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
45 Brimberg, Benjamin  Abt 1865Russia I5477 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
46 Brimberg, Benjamin  Abt 1865Russia I3431 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
47 BRIMBERG, Benjamin  Abt 1865Russia I3431 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
48 Brimberg, Ester  Abt 1875Russia I2396 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
49 Brode, Ida  Abt 1873Russia I5028 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
50 Brode, Ida  Abt 1873Russia I300 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
51 BRODE, Ida  Abt 1873Russia I300 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
52 Brodsky, Augusta Gussie  Feb 1860Russia I10951 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
53 BRODSKY, Augusta Gussie  Feb 1860Russia I10951 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
54 Brodsky, Benjamin  Jan 1858Russia I9159 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
55 BRODSKY, Benjamin  Jan 1858Russia I9159 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
56 Brodsky, Etta  Mar 1889Russia I9187 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
57 Brodsky, Etta  Mar 1889Russia I9163 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
58 BRODSKY, Etta  Mar 1889Russia I9163 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
59 Brodsky, Fanny  Feb 1881Russia I10952 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
60 BRODSKY, Fanny  Feb 1881Russia I10952 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
61 Brodsky, Jennie  Aug 1883Russia I10953 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
62 BRODSKY, Jennie  Aug 1883Russia I10953 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
63 Brodsky, Joseph R  29 Dec 1890Russia I10947 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
64 BRODSKY, Joseph R  29 Dec 1890Russia I10947 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
65 Brodsky, Michael  Dec 1861Russia I9171 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
66 Brodsky, Minnie  12 Oct 1886Russia I1719 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
67 BRODSKY, Minnie  12 Oct 1886Russia I1719 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
68 BRODSKY, Moishe  Abt 1900Russia I12846 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
69 Brodsky, Samuel  Jan 1883Russia I9126 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
70 Brodsky, Samuel  Jan 1883Russia I9160 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
71 BRODSKY, Samuel  Jan 1883Russia I9160 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
72 Brodsky, Simon  Mar 1885Russia I9200 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
73 Brodsky, Simon  Mar 1885Russia I9161 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
74 BRODSKY, Simon  Mar 1885Russia I9161 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
75 Brozik, Albert Pincus  1898Russia I9109 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
76 Brozik, Albert Pincus  1898Russia I9114 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
77 BROZIK, Albert Pincus  1898Russia I9114 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
78 Carson, Lillian  Abt 1883Russia I908 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
79 Carson, Lillian  Abt 1883Russia I7468 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
80 CARSON, Lillian  Abt 1883Russia I7468 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
81 Carson, Reuben  Abt 1878Russia I5240 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
82 Carson, Reuben  Abt 1878Russia I7467 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
83 CARSON, Reuben  Abt 1878Russia I7467 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
84 Chalfin, Abraham  21 Mar 1900Russia I5524 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
85 Chalfin, Abraham  21 Mar 1900Russia I5205 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
86 CHALFIN, Abraham  21 Mar 1900Russia I5205 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
87 CHERNICK, Nathan  Abt 1881Russia I11906 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
88 CLYMAN, David  Abt 1882Russia I12392 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
89 COHEN, Max  20.5.1894Russia I5473 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
90 COHEN, Max  20.5.1894Russia I1943 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
91 COHEN, Max  20.5.1894Russia I1943 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
92 COHEN, Rose  Abt 1860Russia I12621 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
93 EBERSTEIN, Bessie  Abt 1901Russia I12349 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
94 EBERSTEIN, TobeToba  Abt 1892Russia I12352 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
95 Eirnas, Jacob  Abt 1861Russia I1608 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
96 Eirnas, Jacob  Abt 1861Russia I4079 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
97 EIRNAS, Jacob  Abt 1861Russia I4079 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
98 EISENBERG, Joseph  Abt 1869Russia I11662 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
99 EISENBERG, Rebecca  Abt 1870Russia I11663 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
100 Epstein, Emanuel  1873Russia I623 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
101 Epstein, Emanuel  1873Russia I6538 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
102 EPSTEIN, Emanuel (Mendel)  1873Russia I6538 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
103 ERDILEVSKY, Fred RESEARCH ONLY  Abt 1905Russia I11200 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
104 Euchtman, Celia  Abt 1905Russia I7718 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
105 Euchtman, Celia  Abt 1905Russia I8153 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
106 EUCHTMAN, Celia  Abt 1905Russia I8153 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
107 Euchtman, Harry  Abt 1875Russia I7635 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
108 Euchtman, Harry  Abt 1875Russia I8100 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
109 EUCHTMAN, Harry  Abt 1875Russia I8100 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
110 Euchtman, Lema  Abt 1879Russia I7915 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
111 Euchtman, Lema  Abt 1879Russia I8151 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
112 EUCHTMAN, Lema  Abt 1879Russia I8151 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
113 Euchtman, Rose  Abt 1907Russia I7839 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
114 Euchtman, Rose  Abt 1907Russia I8154 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
115 EUCHTMAN, Rose  Abt 1907Russia I8154 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
116 FALK, Harry  Abt 1892Russia I11567 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
117 FIENBERG, Max  Oct 1859Russia I12397 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
118 Finkelstein, Ida  22 Nov 1880Russia I9323 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
119 Finkelstein, Ida  22 Nov 1880Russia I9493 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
120 FINKELSTEIN, Ida  22 Nov 1880Russia I9493 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
121 FISHMAN, Frank  Abt 1901Russia I12921 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
122 FISHMAN, Jacob  20 Oct 1891Russia I12920 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
123 FISHMAN, Jennie  Jan 1872Russia I12857 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
124 FISHMAN, Louis Andrew  May 1871Russia I12858 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
125 FISHMAN, Minnie  1893Russia I12919 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
126 FISHMAN, Morris  Abt 1867Russia I12917 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
127 Frank, Benjamin  17 Dec 1881Russia I3958 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
128 Frank, Benjamin  17 Dec 1881Russia I1718 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
129 FRANK, Benjamin  17 Dec 1881Russia I1718 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
130 Freedman, Jacob  Abt 1883Russia I10658 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
131 FREEDMAN, Jacob  Abt 1883Russia I10658 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
132 FRIESLER, Mojsche Hersch  1860Russia I11752 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
133 FRIESLER, Rachel  1898Russia I11710 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
134 Gelfand, Julius  Abt 1883Russia I11122 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
135 GELFAND, Julius  Abt 1883Russia I11122 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
136 Gelford Helfand, Samuel  Abt 1857Russia I10030 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
137 GELFORD HELFAND, Samuel  Abt 1857Russia I10030 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
138 Genn, Adella  Abt 1896Russia I10912 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
139 GENN, Adella  Abt 1896Russia I10912 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
140 Genn, Izil  1875Russia I10915 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
141 GENN, Izil  1875Russia I10915 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
142 Genn, Louis  15 Dec 1884Russia I10911 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
143 GENN, Louis  15 Dec 1884Russia I10911 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
144 Gerstein, Abram  Abt 1883Russia I244 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
145 Gerstein, Abram  Abt 1883Russia I7349 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
146 GERSTEIN, Abram  Abt 1883Russia I7349 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
147 Gerstein, Annie  Abt 1840Russia I1744 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
148 Gerstein, Annie  Abt 1840Russia I7348 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
149 GERSTEIN, Annie  Abt 1840Russia I7348 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
150 Gerstein, Bernard  Abt 1833Russia I4539 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
151 Gerstein, Bernard  Abt 1833Russia I7347 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
152 GERSTEIN, Bernard  Abt 1833Russia I7347 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
153 Gerstein, Fanny  1875Russia I2082 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
154 Gerstein, Fanny  1875Russia I849 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
155 GERSTEIN, Fanny  1875Russia I849 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
156 Getzelter, Sarah F.  Abt 1880Russia I10595 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
157 GETZELTER, Sarah F.  Abt 1880Russia I10595 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
158 GIDNANSKY, Katie  23 Aug 1874Russia I12601 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
159 Glasser, Harry  Abt 1886Russia I10097 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
160 GLASSER, Harry  Abt 1886Russia I10097 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
161 Glasser, Mary  Abt 1885Russia I10098 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
162 GLASSER, Mary  Abt 1885Russia I10098 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
163 Glazer, Goldie  01 Jul 1898Russia I4575 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
164 Glazer, Goldie  01 Jul 1898Russia I4681 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
165 GLAZER, Goldie  1 Jul 1898Russia I4681 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
166 Glazer, Mary  01 Dec 1897Russia I4221 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
167 Glazer, Mary  01 Dec 1897Russia I4680 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
168 GLAZER, Mary  1 Dec 1897Russia I4680 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
169 Goldberg, Aaron  Mar 1859Russia I1809 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
170 Goldberg, Aaron  Mar 1859Russia I6610 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
171 GOLDBERG, Aaron  Mar 1859Russia I6610 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
172 Goldberg, Hyman G  Jan 1843Russia I2620 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
173 Goldberg, Hyman G  Jan 1843Russia I1373 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
174 GOLDBERG, Hyman G  Jan 1843Russia I1373 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
175 GOLDIN, Mildred  5 Dec 1901Russia I12637 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
176 Goldman, Henry Jacob  06 Nov 1884Russia I3557 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
177 Goldman, Henry Jacob  06 Nov 1884Russia I856 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
178 GOLDMAN, Henry Jacob  6 Nov 1884Russia I856 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
179 GOLDMAN, Morris  Nov 1872Russia I12049 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
180 Goldman, William  09 Jan 1877Russia I5287 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
181 Goldman, William  09 Jan 1877Russia I336 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
182 GOLDMAN, William  9 Jan 1877Russia I336 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
183 Gordon, Bessie  Abt 1875Russia I10767 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
184 GORDON, Bessie  Abt 1875Russia I10767 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
185 Gordon, Max  Abt 1871Russia I10766 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
186 GORDON, Max  Abt 1871Russia I10766 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
187 GREENSTEIN  Jan 1874Russia I1397 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
188 GREENSTEIN, Sadie  Mar 1905Russia I11731 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
189 Gressen, Raymond  Abt 1897Russia I9346 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
190 Gressen, Raymond  Abt 1897Russia I9201 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
191 GRESSEN, Raymond  Abt 1897Russia I9201 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
192 Grishman, Gussie  Abt 1894Russia I5966 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
193 Grishman, Gussie  Abt 1894Russia I7175 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
194 GRISHMAN, Gussie  Abt 1894Russia I7175 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
195 Gruzewsky, Minnie  Abt 1865Russia I9388 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
196 Gruzewsky, Minnie  Abt 1865Russia I9339 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
197 GRUZEWSKY, Minnie  Abt 1865Russia I9339 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
198 Harris, Fannie  11 May 1877Russia I7332 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree 
199 Harris, Fannie  11 May 1877Russia I4677 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree too... 
200 HARRIS, Fannie  11 May 1877Russia I4677 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 KRIVITSKY, Israel  Russia I11416 Rofheart-Jones Current Tree 
2 Rofes, Khavka  Russia I47 Rofheart - Jones Family Tree