The Rofheart and Jones Families

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New York, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GOMEZ-FRANCO, Eleanor Frances  13 Jun 1928New York, New York I577
2 GOULD, Vivien  2 May 1892New York, New York I5458
3 LEBED, Meyer I  8 Dec 1923New York, New York I7643
4 LIPOMA, Marion -Marie  20 Apr 1896New York, New York I10159
5 RABINOWITZ, Rose  1 May 1899New York, New York I789
6 ROFHEART, Henry Adolph  22 Feb 1902New York, New York I412
7 ROFHEART, Samuel  27 Oct 1895New York, New York I1356
8 ROFHEART, William Adolph  13 Jun 1892New York, New York I403
9 ROTNER, Harriet Elaine  6 Nov 1923New York, New York I9486
10 STEIN, Daniel  20 Sep 1945New York, New York I6256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COZINE, Catharine  1 Dec 1801New York, New York I4292
2 COZYN, Gerrit  20 Feb 1782New York, New York I4286
3 KRIVITSKY, Mary  1926New York, New York I11414
4 ROFHEART, Samuel  30 Jun 1896New York, New York I1356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 BLEYER, Robert Allen  23 Dec 1922New York, New York I2266
2 BRIEF, Nathan  5 Jul 1904New York, New York I11690
3 BRIEF (NOISEBRIEF), Otto (Rachmiel)  5 Jul 1904New York, New York I10497
4 BRIMBERG, Selma  24 Dec 1935New York, New York I315
5 CANTOR, Milton  13 Jan 1956New York, New York I11553
6 COOL, Cornelius Lambertse  1639New York, New York I2013
7 DENORMAN, Louwerens Pieterse  1639New York, New York I1172
8 DESILLE, Gerardina  Between 1653 and 1656New York, New York I1880
9 DESILLE, Nicasius  Between 1653 and 1656New York, New York I2626
10 DOBBINS, Annie  10 Dec 1951New York, New York I6799
11 EICHER, David Robert  20 Apr 1950New York, New York I7144
12 EMHARDT, Robert Christian  8 May 1939New York, New York I502
13 EPSTEIN, Ethel  25 Sep 1938New York, New York I6546
14 FEIBLEMAN, Ruth Eleanor  9 Jun 1912New York, New York I9771
15 FISCHBACH, Jerome  30 Jun 1939New York, New York I1309
16 FLANAGAN, Mary Margaret  20 Apr 1950New York, New York I7107
17 FREEDMAN, Ben Frank  23 Aug 1954New York, New York I7855
18 GELFORD HELFAND, Samuel  10 Jul 1900New York, New York I10030
19 GOLDBERG, Julius A  22 May 1935New York, New York I6612
20 GOLDBERG, Shirley  12 Oct 1923New York, New York I7646
21 GOLDMAN, Henry Jacob  27 Feb 1939New York, New York I856
22 GOLDMAN, Louis  13 Feb 1884New York, New York I320
23 GOLDMAN, Sadie Sarah  14 Feb 1932New York, New York I321
24 GOULD, George Jay III  14 Mar 1930New York, New York I5427
25 GOULD, George Jay  14 Mar 1930New York, New York I5459
26 GOULD, Howard J  14 Mar 1930New York, New York I5429
27 GOULD, Maughan Carter  14 Mar 1930New York, New York I5428
28 HACKER, Jacob (Yaakov) Leib  28 May 1896New York, New York I9860
29 HASSALL, Arthur Herbert  21 Mar 1885New York, New York I1382
30 HELFAND, Beatrice  13 Jan 1956New York, New York I9988
31 HELFAND, Julius Dds  19 Mar 1938New York, New York I9989
32 HENDRICKS, Elsje  1647New York, New York I1610
33 HENDRICKS, Lammentje  1660New York, New York I2379
34 HOLSTEIN, Virginia Ruth  25 Sep 1920New York, New York I6476
35 HOOPER, Katherine  21 Mar 1885New York, New York I1383
36 KAHN, Wilfred Ridger  4 May 1943New York, New York I4356
37 KANTOR, Abraham  23 May 1904New York, New York I6499
38 KANTOR, Jane "Jennie" S  30 Apr 1931New York, New York I11313
39 KRIVITSKY, Harry Samuel  May 1902New York, New York I7804
40 LERMAN, Edward Murray  11 Jan 1951New York, New York I4100
41 MEISLER, Bertha  19 Mar 1938New York, New York I11633
42 MICHAELIS, Mathilde  13 Jul 1885New York, New York I9766
43 MICHAELIS, Mathilde  9 Jun 1912New York, New York I9766
44 MINDL, Minna Zipporah  5 Oct 1852New York, New York I9776
45 MUHLFELD, Hermann Hyman  3 Feb 1909New York, New York I295
46 MULFELD, Emil  3 Feb 1909New York, New York I293
47 MULFELD, Fredrich  3 Feb 1909New York, New York I787
48 NOORMAN, Jan Jansen  1667New York, New York I1180
49 PIETERS, Elsje  1630New York, New York I2224
50 PROBASCO, Christoffel (Stoffel) Jurians  Between 1654 and 1671New York, New York I943
51 RABINOWITZ, Rose  11 Mar 1952New York, New York I789
52 RACHSCHSTEIN, Aron  18 Nov 1904New York, New York I6780
53 ROFES, Jenny (Hinde)  1 Jul 1887New York, New York I4070
54 ROFES, Joseph (Jacob Yankel)  1886New York, New York I3685
55 ROFES, Joseph (Jacob Yankel)  1 Jul 1887New York, New York I3685
56 ROFES, Joseph (Jacob Yankel)  1 Jul 1887New York, New York I3685
57 ROFHEART, Adolph  1 Jul 1886New York, New York I406
58 ROFHEART, Adolph  1 Jul 1887New York, New York I406
59 ROFHEART, Esther (Ekka)  27 Mar 1957New York, New York I414
60 ROFHEART, Henry Adolph  24 Dec 1935New York, New York I412
61 ROFHEART, Henry Adolph  13 May 1937New York, New York I412
62 ROFHEART, Leonard Jay  13 Oct 1950New York, New York I411
63 ROFHEART, Robert B  19 May 1916New York, New York I409
64 RUFFUS (ROFES), Isidore  29 May 1903New York, New York I10170
65 RUSK, Martha  1 Dec 1930New York, New York I11382
66 SALKIN, Abraham Loeb  23 Feb 1922New York, New York I327
67 SALKIN, Morton (Buddy)  14 Aug 1947New York, New York I331
68 SCHAPPACH, Marie Louise  4 Jun 1934New York, New York I2846
69 SCHATZ, Irving  27 Mar 1957New York, New York I314
70 SHATZ, Moses SPECULATIVE  21 Nov 1909New York, New York I10346
71 SIDELI, Silvia Sita  15 Jan 1948New York, New York I505
72 SINCLAIR, Guinevere  23 Jun 1923New York, New York I5550
73 SINCLAIR, Guinevere Jeanne  23 Jun 1923New York, New York I5547
74 SINCLAIR, Letitia Rosabella  16 May 1920New York, New York I5236
75 SNEIDER, Judith  26 Jul 1937New York, New York I3517
76 SNEIDER, Phyllis  26 Jul 1937New York, New York I5278
77 SPANDAU, Henrietta Ettie Yetta  18 Jul 1864New York, New York I1374
78 SULZBY, William Dobbins Sr  7 Oct 1938New York, New York I6806
79 TUCKER, Merle Hicks  16 Aug 1930New York, New York I4046
80 UFLAND, Bertha  11 Nov 1924New York, New York I11177
81 VAN CLEEF, Jan  1653New York, New York I989
82 VANARSDALEN, Symon Janse  1656New York, New York I1915
83 VANCOUWENHOVEN, Gerret Wolfertse  Between 1630 and 1631New York, New York I1981
84 VANDERVEER, Jan Cornelise  1687New York, New York I1038
85 VANDEVENTER, Marieken  1653New York, New York I1184
86 VANSCHOUWEN, Claes Cornelissen  1642New York, New York I1917
87 VINING, Robert Edward  15 Jan 1948New York, New York I506
88 ZARET, Samuel  23 Sep 1929New York, New York I1363
89 ZARET, William  31 May 1956New York, New York I1362
90 ZARETSKY, Gussie Gitel  5 Jul 1904New York, New York I10493
91 ZARETSKY, Jennie (Sheina)  24 Dec 1935New York, New York I407
92 ZARETSKY, Wulf  17 Mar 1922New York, New York I397
93 ZELIGMAN, Abraham  22 Jul 1906New York, New York I10188

From the Inquiring Fotographer

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    From the Inquiring Fotographer    Person ID 
1 ROFHEART, William Adolph  28 Mar 1961New York, New York I403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lillian A  1935New York, New York I1364
2 ADAMS, Harry Lawson Jr  New York, New York I10606
3 KARLEN, James Delmar  New York, New York I1440
4 REISS, Darlene  2001New York, New York I5194
5 TAUBMAN, Selwyn Ian  2000 2001 2002New York, New York I2830
6 ZARET, Harry L  1935New York, New York I1354
7 ZELIANSKY, Sheina Sophia  New York, New York I11176


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SCHENCK / VANVOORHEES  1650New York, New York F1196