The Rofheart and Jones Families

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Feb 1864Indiana I350
2 Rachel G (Ray)  4 Jan 1885Indiana I6420
3 BERKOWITZ, Jennie  5 Mar 1895Indiana I1629
4 BERKOWITZ, Lena (Lee)  19 Jan 1901Indiana I1625
5 COLEMAN, Charles Walton  Feb 1891Indiana I5673
6 COOPER, Henrietta G  24 Nov 1911Indiana I6413
7 COOPER, Mendel (Mannie)  30 Sep 1913Indiana I6412
8 DENBO, Fay N  Abt 1903Indiana I7050
9 DENBO, Henry W  Abt 1871Indiana I7047
10 DENBO, Jean I  Abt 1901Indiana I7049
11 DUNLAP, Adam Isaac  26 Apr 1906Indiana I6642
12 DUNLAP, Paul Payne  Abt 1912Indiana I6641
13 EARHARDT, John W  Oct 1889Indiana I6695
14 EARHARDT, Mamie C  Sep 1886Indiana I6694
15 FEIBELMAN, Cora  Sep 1869Indiana I11016
16 FEIBELMAN, Gertrude  Nov 1877Indiana I9770
17 FEIBELMANN, Leon  Oct 1879Indiana I9786
18 FEIBLEMAN, Pauline M  4 Feb 1884Indiana I1451
19 FIEBLEMAN, Celia  Jun 1874Indiana I9769
20 FIEBLEMAN, Harry  Jul 1870Indiana I9768
21 FLACK, Bertha M  1873Indiana I10449
22 FOWLER, Belle  Abt 1898Indiana I6415
23 FREIBERGER, Elizabeth  1879Indiana I871
24 FREIBERGER, Rose  Mar 1880Indiana I872
25 GOLDBERG, Bernard A  7 Aug 1908Indiana I6619
26 GOLDBERG, Charlotte  19 Oct 1913Indiana I6421
27 GOLDBERG, Helen  Abt 1915Indiana I6625
28 GOLDBERG, Meyer B.  Abt 1878Indiana I9842
29 GOLDBERG, Milton M  Jul 1899Indiana I6615
30 GOLDBERG, Reva  Abt 1887Indiana I6616
31 GOLDBERG, Robert Levin  28 Nov 1910Indiana I6624
32 GOLDBURG, Ethel (Yetta)  14 May 1893Indiana I6623
33 HARKNESS, Harley  Indiana I4173
34 HENDERSON, Charles B.  8 Aug 1870Indiana I6633
35 HENDERSON, John T.  Abt 1864Indiana I6632
36 HENDERSON, Otto E  18 Mar 1885Indiana I6631
37 HOLLOWELL, John  Abt 1857Indiana I9570
38 HOLLOWELL, Mary  Abt 1862Indiana I9571
39 HOLLOWELL, Norma  Abt 1895Indiana I9572
40 HUGHES, Armstrong  Abt 1843Indiana I2989
41 HUGHES, Clarence K  Abt 1877Indiana I2991
42 HUGHES, Emma  Jul 1881Indiana I2992
43 HUGHES, James A  Feb 1898Indiana I2995
44 HUGHES, Thomas P  Oct 1874Indiana I2990
45 HUGHES, William Edgar  7 Feb 1870Indiana I2987
46 HULL, Luther  Abt 1905Indiana I8185
47 KAUFMAN, Jay W  10 Feb 1903Indiana I1310
48 KELLER, John Fredrick  17 Aug 1839Indiana I9022
49 KENTNER, katherine  Feb 1853Indiana I2988
50 KISER, Helen E  Jul 1852Indiana I4197
51 LEVIN, Abraham R  16 Nov 1894Indiana I1956
52 LEVIN, Ethel  14 May 1888Indiana I1953
53 LEVIN, Eva G  Nov 1885Indiana I6947
54 LEVIN, Harry M  Jun 1899Indiana I1958
55 LEVIN, Leon Elliot  11 Sep 1900Indiana I1959
56 LEVIN, Minnie  Jul 1891Indiana I1954
57 LEVIN, Nettie M  May 1888Indiana I6948
58 MANLIEF, Edith  Abt 1915Indiana I8186
59 MAYFIELD, Dennis Ray  1943Indiana I9682
60 NEAL, Bessie  Nov 1890Indiana I11030
61 NEEL, Charles  29 Jan 1881Indiana I3347
62 SCHAFFER, Betty  Abt 1911Indiana I561
63 SCHLOSSER, Bernice "Benny"  26 Jun 1903Indiana I6601
64 SCHLOSSER, Bertha  Nov 1899Indiana I6449
65 SPRIGLER, William D  Abt 1949Indiana I5504
66 SUDRANSKI, Lester  1905Indiana I9841
67 THOMPSON, Eliza Jane  18 Dec 1828Indiana I436
68 TITUS, David J  Abt 1884Indiana I2684
69 TITUS, Nellie P  Abt 1887Indiana I2688
70 TOMPKINS, Leroy  Indiana I8190
71 TOMPKINS, Lois  Indiana I8191
72 WRIGHT, Jackson Jacob  Abt 1864Indiana I1556
73 WRIGHT, John  Abt 1862Indiana I1559
74 WRIGHT, Martha  Abt 1858Indiana I1555
75 YOUNG, Ann J.  1843Indiana I4103
76 YOUNG, William D  Abt 1810Indiana I4198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERS, Eleanor  Feb 1889Indiana I9601
2 DEUTSCH, Gertrude B  8 Jan 1971Indiana I11044
3 DOERR, Rose  28 Mar 1911Indiana I11046
4 FEIBELMANN, Leon  6 Jun 1887Indiana I9786
5 HEAD, Anthony  1831Indiana I9196
6 HUGHES, Armstrong  Bef 1900Indiana I2989
7 MONTGOMERY, Harry Graham  1939Indiana I4808
8 SHANE, Rose B  19 Dec 1919Indiana I9902
9 THOMPSON, Mayetta Etta  Indiana I4636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 FEIBLEMAN, Ruth Eleanor  Indiana I9771
2 JONES, William Owen Jr.  Indiana I1875
3 THOMPSON, John  1820Indiana I3482


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WELSCHER / DEUTSCH  Indiana F2912