The Rofheart and Jones Families

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eva  Abt 1600Germany I11629
2 BAKER, Frederick  1826Germany I9265
3 BAKER, Thomas  Abt 1829Germany I9266
4 BLOEMER, Anna Maria Elizabeth  1789Germany I8796
5 CLAES, Maria  Abt 1585Germany I11592
6 EARHARDT, Adolph G  Dec 1878Germany I6692
7 EARHARDT, Caroline  Aug 1847Germany I6690
8 EARHARDT, Chas D  Dec 1873Germany I6696
9 EARHARDT, John  May 1849Germany I6689
10 EARHARDT, Pauline  May 1876Germany I6691
11 EMHARDT, Julius W  Sep 1881Germany I6693
12 FEIBELMANN, Josephine  Germany I11025
14 FEIBELMANN, Minna  Abt 1835Germany I10987
15 FEIBELMANN, Veronika  14 Feb 1804Germany I9791
16 FEIBLEMAN, Charles B  15 Oct 1840Germany I9774
17 FRANK, Dan  Oct 1882Germany I1731
18 FREIBERGER, Matthew  18 Feb 1854Germany I867
19 GATES, Mare  Abt 1888Germany I11017
20 HARRIS, Jacob  Aug 1838Germany I10272
21 HERMANS, Ebelken  1578Germany I2661
22 HOLSTEIN, Paul A  Germany I6480
23 JANSEN, Christena M  Germany I560
24 KATZ, Nathan  Jun 1855Germany I7018
25 KLEINE, Mary Louise  10 May 1833Germany I274
26 KOBL, Anna  1622Germany I2544
27 LIST, George  1750Germany I2021
28 MAIER, Carrie  Germany I9029
29 MAIER, Carrie  Germany I9031
30 MEIER  Germany I9077
31 MELTSNER, Charles Nathan  Jan 1867Germany I6491
32 MELTSNER, Dora  Jan 1881Germany I6495
33 MELTSNER, Oscar  2 Jan 1879Germany I6494
34 MELTSNER, Sarah  Jan 1877Germany I6493
35 MICHAELIS, Felka  6 Mar 1857Germany I11020
36 MICHAELIS, Filka  6 Mar 1857Germany I9836
37 MISCHLER, Johann Georg  1622Germany I2543
38 MYERS, Francis  Oct 1861Germany I7194
39 PREUSS, Katherine  29 Mar 1854Germany I868
40 REISLER, Mary  Jan 1857Germany I1878
41 REUTER, Fred Ernst "Peach"  Apr 1853Germany I1877
42 SCHAFER, Henry  9 Feb 1811Germany I8791
43 SCHAPPACH, Amalie  Abt 1870Germany I2849
44 SCHAPPACH, Anton J  Abt 1864Germany I2848
45 SCHWARTZ, Theresa  Aug 1851Germany I6432
46 SEUBERT, Julius  17 May 1858Germany I10700
47 STUKENBORG, Johann Bernard Drilling  1790Germany I8795
48 WEINSTEIN, David  Abt 1886Germany I7298


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eva  Aft 1622Germany I11629
2 BAST, Karl  Germany I5668
3 BLOEMER, Anna Maria Elizabeth  1846Germany I8796
4 FOLKUNGA, Karl Karlsson  1254Germany I5981
5 KOBL, Anna  1687Germany I2544
6 MISCHLER, Johann Georg  1691Germany I2543
7 STUKENBORG, Johann Bernard Drilling  1853Germany I8795


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MICHAELIS, Mathilde  Germany I9766


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LIST / MISCHLER  1684Germany F569