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Tree: Rofheart - Jones Family Tree

Latitude: 56.2639200, Longitude: 9.5017850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Princess Margareta of Denmark  1167Denmark I1460
2 Princess Margareta of Denmark  1167Denmark I6075
3 Princess Margareta of Denmark  1167Denmark I6075
4 Anderson, Julia  Abt 1905Denmark I10008
5 Anderson, Julia  Abt 1905Denmark I10016
6 ANDERSON, Julia  Abt 1905Denmark I10008
7 ANDERSON, Julia  Abt 1905Denmark I10016
8 Anundsdotter, Ingrid  1291Denmark I982
9 Anundsdotter, Ingrid  1291Denmark I5782
10 ANUNDSDOTTER, Ingrid  1291Denmark I5782
11 Biornsson, Siward "the Dane" (Earl of Northumbria)  1020Denmark I980
12 Biornsson, Siward "the Dane" (Earl of Northumbria)  1020Denmark I6096
13 BIORNSSON, Siward "the Dane" (Earl of Northumbria)  1020Denmark I6096
14 Denmark, Asbjorn  1000Denmark I990
15 Denmark, Asbjorn  1000Denmark I6099
16 DENMARK, Asbjorn  1000Denmark I6099
17 Denmark, Gorm The Old of III  880Denmark I1498
18 Denmark, Gorm The Old of III  880Denmark I6101
19 DENMARK, Gorm The Old of III  880Denmark I6101
20 Denmark, Kirsten  1118Denmark I4066
21 Denmark, Kirsten  1118Denmark I6085
22 DENMARK, Kirsten  1118Denmark I6085
23 Emune, Erik  1090Denmark I999
24 Emune, Erik  1090Denmark I6079
25 EMUNE, Erik  1090Denmark I6079
26 Eriksen, Benedikt  1085Denmark I4065
27 Eriksen, Benedikt  1085Denmark I6084
28 ERIKSEN, Benedikt  1085Denmark I6084
29 Eriksen, Erik  1093Denmark I4067
30 Eriksen, Erik  1093Denmark I6082
31 ERIKSEN, Erik  1093Denmark I6082
32 Jarl of Denmark, Biorn Ulfsson Estridsen  1021Denmark I4049
33 Jarl of Denmark, Biorn Ulfsson Estridsen  1021Denmark I6154
34 JARL OF DENMARK, Biorn Ulfsson Estridsen  1021Denmark I6154
35 King of Denmark, Harald Parcus Harthacnut II  840Denmark I5650
36 King of Denmark, Harald Parcus Harthacnut II  840Denmark I6103
37 KING OF DENMARK, Harald Parcus Harthacnut II  840Denmark I6103
38 Svendsson, Knud Magnus Denmark  1038Denmark I7325
39 Svendsson, Knud Magnus Denmark  1038Denmark I6166
40 SVENDSSON, Knud Magnus Denmark  1038Denmark I6166
41 Svendsson, Niels  1063Denmark I4006
42 Svendsson, Niels  1063Denmark I6092
43 SVENDSSON, Niels  1063Denmark I6092
44 Ulfsson Saint Svendsson, Canute  1043Denmark I1734
45 Ulfsson Saint Svendsson, Canute  1043Denmark I6176
46 ULFSSON SAINT SVENDSSON, Canute  1043Denmark I6176
47 Valdemarson, Canute  1163Denmark I2913
48 Valdemarson, Canute  1163Denmark I6061
49 VALDEMARSON, Canute  1163Denmark I6061
50 Vingad Lilja, Kristina Anundsdotter  1210Denmark I245
51 Vingad Lilja, Kristina Anundsdotter  1210Denmark I5899
52 VINGAD LILJA, Kristina Anundsdotter  1210Denmark I5899


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Denmark, Asbjorn  1086Denmark I990
2 Denmark, Asbjorn  1086Denmark I6099
3 DENMARK, Asbjorn  1086Denmark I6099
4 Denmark, Margareta  1151Denmark I4063
5 Denmark, Margareta  1151Denmark I6086
6 DENMARK, Margareta  1151Denmark I6086
7 Emune, Erik  18 Sep 1137Denmark I999
8 Emune, Erik  18 Sep 1137Denmark I6079
9 EMUNE, Erik  18 Sep 1137Denmark I6079
10 Eriksson Denmark, Erik Emune Memorable  18 Sep 1137Denmark I1008
11 Eriksson Denmark, Erik Emune Memorable  18 Sep 1137Denmark I6080
12 ERIKSSON DENMARK, Erik Emune Memorable  18 Sep 1137Denmark I6080
13 Haraldsson, Anund  1291Denmark I1196
14 Haraldsson, Anund  1291Denmark I5877
15 HARALDSSON, Anund  1291Denmark I5877
16 King of Denmark, Harald Parcus Harthacnut II  910Denmark I5650
17 King of Denmark, Harald Parcus Harthacnut II  910Denmark I6103
18 KING OF DENMARK, Harald Parcus Harthacnut II  910Denmark I6103
19 Sophie, of Minsk  05 May 1198Denmark I7288
20 Sophie, of Minsk  05 May 1198Denmark I6071
21 SOPHIE, of Minsk  5 May 1198Denmark I6071
22 Tordsdatter, Rannveig  1070Denmark I1761
23 Tordsdatter, Rannveig  1070Denmark I6089
24 TORDSDATTER, Rannveig  1070Denmark I6089
25 Valdemarson, Canute  1202Denmark I2913
26 Valdemarson, Canute  1202Denmark I6061
27 VALDEMARSON, Canute  1202Denmark I6061


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Denmark / Denmark  1030Denmark F413
2 Denmark / Denmark  1030Denmark F1471
3 DENMARK / DENMARK  1030Denmark F1471
4 Denmark / Sveinsdóttir  1052Denmark F414
5 Denmark / Sveinsdóttir  1052Denmark F1470
6 DENMARK / SVEINSDÓTTIR  1052Denmark F1470
7 Forkbeard / Poland  Denmark F859
8 Forkbeard / Poland  Denmark F1489
9 FORKBEARD / POLAND  Denmark F1489
10 Thorgilsson, Earl of Denmark / Svensdotter  1015Denmark F1510
11 Thorgilsson, Earl of Denmark / Svensdotter  1015Denmark F1474