The Rofheart and Jones Families

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Virginia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frances  11 Nov 1764Virginia, United States I4985
2 Baker, Hannah  1772Virginia, United States I4446
3 Clark, Joan  1610Virginia, United States I3650
4 Cokran, Mary Ellen  1752Virginia, United States I2151
5 Coleman, Absolom William  1785Virginia, United States I7518
6 COLEMAN, Darby  1695Virginia, United States I215
7 Coleman, Edy  1775Virginia, United States I8085
8 Coleman, Jesse  1776Virginia, United States I7828
9 Coleman, John  1665Virginia, United States I7227
10 Coleman, Mary Ann  24 Dec 1807Virginia, United States I5734
11 Coleman, Samuel L.  07 Nov 1804Virginia, United States I5730
12 Coleman, Sarah Ann (Sallie)  14 Feb 1814Virginia, United States I285
13 COLEMAN, Thomas  1700Virginia, United States I207
14 Deane, William  1715Virginia, United States I4357
15 Dedman, Susan  02 Jun 1815Virginia, United States I4533
16 Garner, Elizabeth  1679Virginia, United States I6695
17 Head, Charles Procter  1795Virginia, United States I9375
18 Isbell, Henry  1756Virginia, United States I1051
19 Isbell, Nancy  1782Virginia, United States I2704
20 Marshall, Robert  1665Virginia, United States I9463
21 Martin, Elizabeth  1800Virginia, United States I4984
22 Martin, George C  1798Virginia, United States I4165
23 Martin, John L  1819Virginia, United States I1430
24 Martin, Robert  1830Virginia, United States I2833
25 Martin, Robert L  1807Virginia, United States I601
26 Martin, Sarah  1827Virginia, United States I4020
27 Maupin, Marie Julie  1680Virginia, United States I3098
28 McKee, Betsy  1777Virginia, United States I84
29 McWhirt, John  05 Feb 1795Virginia, United States I6657
30 Mitchell, William  11 Jun 1798Virginia, United States I4328
31 Neeld, Nathan  1765Virginia, United States I219
32 Phelps, George V  26 Aug 1811Virginia, United States I7744
33 Reeves, Genia  1650Virginia, United States I8585
34 Reeves, Martha  1675Virginia, United States I8622
35 Robinson, Israel  1772Virginia, United States I6344
36 Schaeffer, James M  May 1863Virginia, United States I4991
37 Scott, Ephraim  1781Virginia, United States I1241
38 Scott, Nancy  Bef 1814Virginia, United States I3152
39 Scott, Sally  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I6315
40 Scott, Sarah  1792Virginia, United States I3088
41 Shelby, Susan Anna  1785Virginia, United States I7737
42 Smith, Dorcas Dobitha  22 Dec 1780Virginia, United States I1154
43 Smith, George Washington  1748Virginia, United States I2219
44 Sorrell, Elizabeth  1803Virginia, United States I3099
45 Spilsbe, John  1630Virginia, United States I1497
46 Unknown, Jerusha  1745Virginia, United States I5306
47 Vanarsdell, William  1790Virginia, United States I1693
48 Webb, Ann E  1844Virginia, United States I7534
49 Webb, William Washington  1843Virginia, United States I7531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Frances  02 Dec 1848Virginia, United States I4985
2 Ball, William  1745Virginia, United States I1841
3 Beasley, Rebecca  1680Virginia, United States I2881
4 Bradley, Catherine  25 Jun 1755Virginia, United States I5695
5 Brown, Isabell  Aft 1758Virginia, United States I8565
6 Brown, Isabella  1730Virginia, United States I8698
7 Claiborne, Rebecca  1650Virginia, United States I1824
8 Clark, Joan  1672Virginia, United States I3650
9 Cock, Elizabeth  1809Virginia, United States I7608
10 Coleman, Ann  1785Virginia, United States I7997
11 Coleman, Anne  1770Virginia, United States I309
12 COLEMAN, Darby  1738Virginia, United States I215
13 Coleman, Sarah Ann (Sallie)  14 Jan 1815Virginia, United States I285
14 Coleman, Susannah  1710Virginia, United States I4617
15 Robinson, Martha  1820Virginia, United States I3983
16 Scott, John  Bef 1782Virginia, United States I7072
17 Scott, William  Virginia, United States I3925
18 Snodgrass, Lydia  09 Sep 1771Virginia, United States I1517
19 Snodgrass, Phoebe  11 Feb 1772Virginia, United States I5175
20 Sorrells, Margaret  15 Nov 1897Virginia, United States I3127
21 Spencer, Mary  Jun 1721Virginia, United States I6216
22 Starke, Elizabeth  14 Dec 1815Virginia, United States I4293
23 Waggener, Edmund  1755Virginia, United States I5481


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coleman / Godfrey  1699Virginia, United States F1318
2 Keene / Thorley  1638Virginia, United States F1558
3 Robinson / Taylor  1771Virginia, United States F1289
4 Scott / Coleman  1749Virginia, United States F373
5 Skeaths / Marshall  1767Virginia, United States F1433
6 Sorrell / Cokran  1775Virginia, United States F484