The Rofheart and Jones Families

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Matches 1 to 84 of 84

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dollie E.  Feb 1880Missouri I8333
2 Dollie E.  Feb 1880Missouri I8227
3 Dollie E.  Feb 1880Missouri I8227
4 Bonny, Clara B  Abt 1896Missouri I10314
5 BONNY, Clara B  Abt 1896Missouri I10314
6 Davis, G.A.  1862Missouri I9085
7 Davis, G.A.  1862Missouri I9051
8 DAVIS, G.A.  1862Missouri I9051
9 DAWSON, Lloyd Francis  01 Jan 1896Missouri I8265
10 DAWSON, Lloyd Francis  01 Jan 1896Missouri I8237
11 DAWSON, Lloyd Francis  1 Jan 1896Missouri I8237
12 Hammett, Benjamin F.  Abt 1871Missouri I7538
13 Hammett, Benjamin F.  Abt 1871Missouri I8080
14 HAMMETT, Benjamin F.  Abt 1871Missouri I8080
15 Hammett, Mary G.  Abt 1869Missouri I7843
16 Hammett, Mary G.  Abt 1869Missouri I8079
17 HAMMETT, Mary G.  Abt 1869Missouri I8079
18 Hubbard, Josephine E  09 Dec 1894Missouri I6246
19 Hubbard, Josephine E  09 Dec 1894Missouri I7269
20 HUBBARD, Josephine E  9 Dec 1894Missouri I7269
21 HUBBARD, Tabihta L  26 Feb 1889Missouri I5435
22 HUBBARD, Tabihta L  26 Feb 1889Missouri I7270
23 HUBBARD, Tabihta L  26 Feb 1889Missouri I7270
24 MURRAY, James  3 Nov 1870Missouri I11721
25 Murray, John William  07 Oct 1899Missouri I7901
26 Murray, John William  07 Oct 1899Missouri I7976
27 MURRAY, John William  7 Oct 1899Missouri I7976
28 Penny, William  Abt 1864Missouri I8000
29 Penny, William  Abt 1864Missouri I8075
30 PENNY, William  Abt 1864Missouri I8075
31 Pettepier, Adolph  23 Jun 1861Missouri I8314
32 Pettepier, Adolph  23 Jun 1861Missouri I8232
33 PETTEPIER, Adolph  23 Jun 1861Missouri I8232
34 Teasdale, Margaret M  Abt 1914Missouri I7933
35 Teasdale, Margaret M  Abt 1914Missouri I8016
36 TEASDALE, Margaret M  Abt 1914Missouri I8016
37 Thompson, Gerald Elijah  1873Missouri I5882
38 Thompson, Gerald Elijah  1873Missouri I3014
39 THOMPSON, Gerald Elijah  1873Missouri I3014
40 Thompson, Harriet J "Hattie"  Abt 1874Missouri I5861
41 Thompson, Harriet J "Hattie"  Abt 1874Missouri I3015
42 THOMPSON, Harriet J "Hattie"  Abt 1874Missouri I3015
43 Thompson, John Clarence  17 Nov 1880Missouri I5096
44 Thompson, John Clarence  17 Nov 1880Missouri I3017
45 THOMPSON, John Clarence  17 Nov 1880Missouri I3017
46 Thompson, Joseph S  Aug 1883Missouri I5863
47 Thompson, Joseph S  Aug 1883Missouri I3011
48 THOMPSON, Joseph S  Aug 1883Missouri I3011
49 Thompson, Rufus H  Mar 1887Missouri I5865
50 Thompson, Rufus H  Mar 1887Missouri I3012
51 THOMPSON, Rufus H  Mar 1887Missouri I3012
52 Van Arsdale, Fannie Lee  28 Feb 1886Missouri I896
53 Van Arsdale, Fannie Lee  28 Feb 1886Missouri I1564
54 VAN ARSDALE, Fannie Lee  28 Feb 1886Missouri I1564
55 Wells, Robert  Abt 1912Missouri I2454
56 Wells, Robert  Abt 1912Missouri I7257
57 WELLS, Robert  Abt 1912Missouri I7257
58 Yates, Ire  Abt 1871Missouri I492
59 Yates, Ire  Abt 1871Missouri I3935
60 YATES, Ire  Abt 1871Missouri I3935
61 Yates, Mary  Abt 1859Missouri I4863
62 Yates, Mary  Abt 1859Missouri I3928
63 YATES, Mary  Abt 1859Missouri I3928
64 Yates, Matilda  Abt 1866Missouri I4868
65 Yates, Matilda  Abt 1866Missouri I3931
66 YATES, Matilda  Abt 1866Missouri I3931
67 Yates, Poley  Abt 1871Missouri I2714
68 Yates, Poley  Abt 1871Missouri I3932
69 YATES, Poley  Abt 1871Missouri I3932
70 Yates, Sammy  Abt 1873Missouri I5925
71 Yates, Sammy  Abt 1873Missouri I3933
72 YATES, Sammy  Abt 1873Missouri I3933
73 Yates, Sarah  Abt 1853Missouri I4859
74 Yates, Sarah  Abt 1853Missouri I3927
75 YATES, Sarah  Abt 1853Missouri I3927
76 Yates, U. S.  Abt 1868Missouri I493
77 Yates, U. S.  Abt 1868Missouri I3934
78 YATES, U. S.  Abt 1868Missouri I3934
79 Yates, Virginia  Abt 1862Missouri I4862
80 Yates, Virginia  Abt 1862Missouri I3929
81 YATES, Virginia  Abt 1862Missouri I3929
82 Yates, William  Abt 1864Missouri I4861
83 Yates, William  Abt 1864Missouri I3930
84 YATES, William  Abt 1864Missouri I3930


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Highfill, Elizabeth  1865Missouri I4732
2 Highfill, Elizabeth  1865Missouri I3915
3 HIGHFILL, Elizabeth  1865Missouri I3915
4 Murray, Theodore  Missouri I9138
5 Murray, Theodore  Missouri I9033
6 Penny, William Willis  11 Feb 1865Missouri I8092
7 Penny, William Willis  11 Feb 1865Missouri I8071
8 PENNY, William Willis  11 Feb 1865Missouri I8071
9 Thompson, Joseph S  1926Missouri I5863
10 Thompson, Joseph S  1926Missouri I3011
11 THOMPSON, Joseph S  1926Missouri I3011


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Speiglman / Sudranski  13 Feb 1941Missouri F2958
2 SPEIGLMAN / SUDRANSKI  13 Feb 1941Missouri F2958
3 Walker / Fletcher  24 Dec 1910Missouri F592
4 Walker / Fletcher  24 Dec 1910Missouri F1072
5 WALKER / FLETCHER  24 Dec 1910Missouri F1072