The Rofheart and Jones Families

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Maryland, United States


Tree: Rofheart - Jones Family Tree

Latitude: 39.0457549, Longitude: -76.6412712


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Christopher, Nicey  Dec 1837Maryland, United States I3379
2 Christopher, Nicey  Dec 1837Maryland, United States I6223
3 CHRISTOPHER, Nicey  Dec 1837Maryland, United States I6223
4 Dean, Rebecca  30 Mar 1746Maryland, United States I7389
5 Dean, Rebecca  30 Mar 1746Maryland, United States I6201
6 DEAN, Rebecca  30 Mar 1746Maryland, United States I6201
7 Deane, Elizabeth  1649Maryland, United States I4774
8 Deane, Elizabeth  1649Maryland, United States I5180
9 DEANE, Elizabeth  1649Maryland, United States I5180
10 Deane, John  1655Maryland, United States I6602
11 Deane, John  1655Maryland, United States I5183
12 DEANE, John  1655Maryland, United States I5183
13 Deane, Richard  1653Maryland, United States I4023
14 Deane, Richard  1653Maryland, United States I5182
15 DEANE, Richard  1653Maryland, United States I5182
16 Greene, Elizabeth Zacharia  1685Maryland, United States I9338
17 Greene, Elizabeth Zacharia  1685Maryland, United States I9301
18 GREENE, Elizabeth Zacharia  1685Maryland, United States I9301
19 Hopkins, Suda F  06 Jul 1878Maryland, United States I6238
20 HOPKINS, Suda F  6 Jul 1878Maryland, United States I6238
21 Lazenby, Elizabeth  1785Maryland, United States I10442
22 LAZENBY, Elizabeth  1785Maryland, United States I10442
23 Lazenby, Robert  1779Maryland, United States I10427
24 LAZENBY, Robert  1779Maryland, United States I10427
25 Lazenby, Thomas  1783Maryland, United States I10428
26 LAZENBY, Thomas  1783Maryland, United States I10428
27 Leazenby, Jesse  1786Maryland, United States I10389
28 LEAZENBY, Jesse  1786Maryland, United States I10389
29 Leazenby, Joshua  06 Apr 1779Maryland, United States I10388
30 LEAZENBY, Joshua  6 Apr 1779Maryland, United States I10388
31 Leazenby, Mary Elizabeth  1788Maryland, United States I10451
32 LEAZENBY, Mary Elizabeth  1788Maryland, United States I10451
33 Leazenby, Thomas  20 Feb 1788Maryland, United States I10390
34 LEAZENBY, Thomas  20 Feb 1788Maryland, United States I10390
35 Leazenby, William  06 Sep 1774Maryland, United States I10387
36 LEAZENBY, William  6 Sep 1774Maryland, United States I10387
37 Morton, Elizabeth  Abt 1876Maryland, United States I7959
38 Morton, Elizabeth  Abt 1876Maryland, United States I7837
39 MORTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1876Maryland, United States I7837
40 Oden, David John  1726Maryland, United States I4280
41 Oden, David John  1726Maryland, United States I6145
42 ODEN, David John  1726Maryland, United States I6145
43 Summers, Ruth  1689Maryland, United States I9653
44 Summers, Ruth  1689Maryland, United States I9322
45 SUMMERS, Ruth  1689Maryland, United States I9322


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Butler, Lula Mae  16 Sep 1955Maryland, United States I8068
2 Butler, Lula Mae  16 Sep 1955Maryland, United States I7821
3 BUTLER, Lula Mae  16 Sep 1955Maryland, United States I7821
4 Christopher, Velma  1958Maryland, United States I7776
5 Christopher, Velma  1958Maryland, United States I7823
6 CHRISTOPHER, Velma  1958Maryland, United States I7823
7 Dutton, Robert  1730Maryland, United States I3881
8 Dutton, Robert  1730Maryland, United States I4380
9 DUTTON, Robert  1730Maryland, United States I4380
10 Greene, Elizabeth Zacharia  1753Maryland, United States I9338
11 Greene, Elizabeth Zacharia  1753Maryland, United States I9301
12 GREENE, Elizabeth Zacharia  1753Maryland, United States I9301
13 Oden, David John  1796Maryland, United States I4280
14 Oden, David John  1796Maryland, United States I6145
15 ODEN, David John  1796Maryland, United States I6145
16 Oden, Elizabeth  Maryland, United States I4279
17 Oden, Elizabeth  Maryland, United States I6144
18 ODEN, Elizabeth  Maryland, United States I6144


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Deane / Liedel  1745Maryland, United States F691
2 Deane / Liedel  1745Maryland, United States F1486
3 DEANE / LIEDEL  1745Maryland, United States F1486
4 Deane / Meredith  1665Maryland, United States F780
5 Deane / Meredith  1665Maryland, United States F214
6 DEANE / MEREDITH  1665Maryland, United States F214
7 Lazenby / Harding  1738Maryland, United States F2984
8 LAZENBY / HARDING  1738Maryland, United States F2984
9 McAtee / Green  1721Maryland, United States F2392
10 McAtee / Green  1721Maryland, United States F2113
11 MCATEE / GREEN  1721Maryland, United States F2113