The Rofheart and Jones Families

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Louisville, Kentucky, USA



Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUCKEL, Sylvester Willard  9 Aug 1910Louisville, Kentucky, USA I808
2 MATHISON, Mary Agnes  25 Nov 1917Louisville, Kentucky, USA I700
3 TERRY, Carl Clinton Jr  14 Jul 1943Louisville, Kentucky, USA I767


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUCKEL, Bernard William  25 Jun 2001Louisville, Kentucky, USA I813
2 BUCKEL, Henry Herman  9 Sep 2004Louisville, Kentucky, USA I814
3 BUCKEL, Sylvester Willard  14 Feb 2014Louisville, Kentucky, USA I808
4 BUCKEL, William Fredrick  28 Dec 1967Louisville, Kentucky, USA I811
5 COOK, Catherine Anna  17 Feb 1965Louisville, Kentucky, USA I812
6 HARRIS, EDWARD  14 Jan 1874Louisville, Kentucky, USA I7127
7 TERRY, Carl Clinton Jr  15 Apr 2008Louisville, Kentucky, USA I767


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 TERRY, Carl Clinton Jr  15 Apr 2008Louisville, Kentucky, USA I767


Matches 1 to 81 of 81

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Margaret Helen  Louisville, Kentucky, USA I8333
2 BIDWELL, Samuel L Sr.  1959Louisville, Kentucky, USA I593
3 BUCKEL, Sylvester Willard  Louisville, Kentucky, USA I808
4 BUCKEL, Sylvester Willard  1942Louisville, Kentucky, USA I808
5 BUCKEL, Sylvester Willard  1960Louisville, Kentucky, USA I808
6 CARRICO, Gladys Lee  1946Louisville, Kentucky, USA I7880
7 CLAFFEY, Harold  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4170
8 COLEMAN, Eli  1886Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5684
9 COLEMAN, Eli  1887Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5684
10 COLEMAN, Eli  1888Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5684
11 COLEMAN, Eli  1897Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5684
12 COLEMAN, Eli  1898Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5684
13 COLEMAN, Jesse Ellis  1887Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5681
14 COLEMAN, Jesse Ellis  1932Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5681
15 COLEMAN, Jesse Ellis  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5681
16 DENTON, Nixson  1921Louisville, Kentucky, USA I345
17 FEHR, Clarissa H  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I1889
18 GAFFORD, William Wesley  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I10463
19 GAFFORD, William Wesley  1942Louisville, Kentucky, USA I10463
20 GRAY, Janet  1888Louisville, Kentucky, USA I339
21 HARRIS, Desha Hunter  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I623
22 HARRIS, Mida Watts  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I625
23 HARRIS, Paula H  1941Louisville, Kentucky, USA I3374
24 HARRIS, Paula H  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I3374
25 JONES, Evan Owen Sr  1926Louisville, Kentucky, USA I438
26 JONES, Evan Owen Jr.  1928Louisville, Kentucky, USA I415
27 JONES, Garnett Laverne  1956Louisville, Kentucky, USA I635
28 JONES, Matilda Martha Matt  1918Louisville, Kentucky, USA I612
29 JONES, William Owen  1877Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
30 JONES, William Owen  1879Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
31 JONES, William Owen  1881Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
32 JONES, William Owen III Major US Army Ret  1881Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5274
33 JONES, William Owen  1883Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
34 JONES, William Owen  1886Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
35 JONES, William Owen  1887Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
36 JONES, William Owen  1889Louisville, Kentucky, USA I311
37 JONES, William Owen  1939Louisville, Kentucky, USA I440
38 KELLER, Emma Laura Bell  1946Louisville, Kentucky, USA I470
39 KELLER, Emma Laura Bell  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I470
40 KIRKPATRICK, Louise  1942Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4229
41 LERAS, Ethan Alan  1956Louisville, Kentucky, USA I477
42 LERAS, Ethan Alan  1960Louisville, Kentucky, USA I477
43 MATHIESON, Andrew  1873Louisville, Kentucky, USA I338
44 MATHIESON, Jeanette Gray  1934Louisville, Kentucky, USA I344
45 MATHIESON, Jeanette Gray  1934Louisville, Kentucky, USA I344
46 MATHISON, Katherine Belle  1946Louisville, Kentucky, USA I691
47 MATHISON, Mary Agnes  1959Louisville, Kentucky, USA I700
48 MAYBERRY, Thomas  1905Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4904
49 MAYBERRY, Thomas  1907Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4904
50 MAYBERRY, Thomas  1911Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4904
51 MAYBERRY, Thomas  1914Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4904
52 MAYBERRY, Thomas  1918Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4904
53 MAYBERRY, Thomas  1937Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4904
54 RASER, Harry Leachman  1946Louisville, Kentucky, USA I695
55 RUNYON, Josephine McClaine  1932Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5671
56 RUNYON, Josephine McClaine  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I5671
57 SCHAFER, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1896Louisville, Kentucky, USA I8787
58 SORRELL, Charlotte Ann  Louisville, Kentucky, USA I7878
59 SORRELL, Edward  1909Louisville, Kentucky, USA I423
60 SORRELL, Herbert A  1946Louisville, Kentucky, USA I472
61 SORRELL, Herbert A  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I472
62 SORRELL, Herbert G  1942Louisville, Kentucky, USA I421
63 SORRELL, Herbert G  1946Louisville, Kentucky, USA I421
64 SORRELL, Herbert G  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I421
65 SORRELL, Lillian Alberta  1960Louisville, Kentucky, USA I473
66 SORRELL, Margaret  1924Louisville, Kentucky, USA I7881
67 SORRELL, Margaret  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I7881
68 TERRY, Carl Clinton Sr  1956Louisville, Kentucky, USA I752
69 TUCKER, Merle Hicks  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I4046
70 VANARSDALL, Martha Jane "Mattie"  1916Louisville, Kentucky, USA I417
71 VANARSDALL, Martha Jane "Mattie"  1922Louisville, Kentucky, USA I417
72 VANARSDALL, Martha Jane "Mattie"  1925Louisville, Kentucky, USA I417
73 VANARSDALL, Martha Jane "Mattie"  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I417
74 VANARSDELL, Minnie L  1933Louisville, Kentucky, USA I431
75 VANARSDELL, Minnie L  1942Louisville, Kentucky, USA I431
76 WELSCHER, Edward D  1934Louisville, Kentucky, USA I348
77 WELSCHER, Edward D  1934Louisville, Kentucky, USA I348
78 WELSCHER, Elmer Gray  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I349
79 WELSCHER, Ruth Elizabeth  1949Louisville, Kentucky, USA I390
80 WROCKLAGE, Rosa M.  1923Louisville, Kentucky, USA I8784
81 _____, Bertha  1939Louisville, Kentucky, USA I1874