He was a carpenter, residing at first in New Amsterdam, where on May 6, 1653 he sold his house and lot to Hendrick Hendricksen. In 1661 he resided at Brooklyn Ferry; in 1665 in Flatlands, and in 1669 in Flatbush. 1654 he help to build the First Dutch Reformed Church on Long Island in Flatbush New York. In 1673 He was appointed Schepen or Magistrate by Governor Colove. This is an office similar to that of Alderman.1674 He was a Representative to the Convention Of Delegates. In 1687 He to the Oath of Allegiance to Great Britain after New Netherlands had been retaken by the British. A facsimile of his signature is given in the Stiles History of Kings County, New York so we know he was not an illiterate man. He was married Three times, the first wife was Magdelena Pieterse, his second wife name was Lysbert Clausen and his third wife name was Gurtruyd Jacobse. He had nine children the first four born in the Netherland and the other five born in America. When he migrated to America in 1651, he had to take on a surmane for tax purpose. The name Aucke Janse Van Nuys is believed to come from, Janse means son of John, Van Means From in Dutch, Nuys stands for Nuis.

His Will was dated May 15, 1694 and probated in 1698 and he was buried at the same location, under today's rebuilt Dutch Reformed Church.