Aeltje Van Der Beeck


Marike Dirckse Ammerman

Material researched by and/or transcribed by Barbara L. Van Norsdall

If Dirck or Derick Janse was born circa 1645, or 1649 as other genealogist have, and came to this country in 1650, the odds are that he was accompanying his parents or at least one parent. One genealogist, Theodore Ammerman, had his father as Jan Dirckse Amerman, a sailor sailing out of Holland. C. Theodore "Ted" Ammerman wrote a 309 page book titled "The Descendants of Derick Janse Amerman". (See www.monmouth.com~sorourke/). It should be noted that other researchers have him being born in Flatbush in about 1645, which means that he parents would have had to immigrate prior to that time. It should also be noted that a Jan Dirckse from Bremen arrived aboard the Wapen van Rensselaerswijck that sailed from Amsterdam Sept 1643 and arrived in New Amsterdam in March 1644. This from Olive Tree Genealogy. However according to the list of those who took the Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown in September 1687, it was recorded that Dirck had been in the province 37 years. So he was either born in 1650 or arrived by boat in 1650.

When Dirck grew into manhood he became a land speculator, a fisherman, and an elder in the Dutch Church. In 1691, Dirck was a captain of the British Militia in the Canadian Expedition. He settled in Flatlands about three miles beyond Flatbush. Descendants claim his home was constructed with loopholes in the walls for purpose of firing guns outward. They also claim Derick acted as an interpreter in transactions with the Indians. It is also claimed he piloted the first ferry across the Hudson River from Manhattan to Long Island (Nassau).

He lived in Flatlands and was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church there as early as 1677, serving as deacon in 1682 and elder in 1703.

Derick Janse Amerman married Aeltje Paulus Van Der Beek May 2, 1691 in Flatbush, Kings County, New York. According to Bessie Van Osdol-Schneider, Dirck Janse and Aeltje had 10 children. Joanne Ramseyer lists 11 children. In the census of 1698 his family at Flatlands consisted of a man, a woman, and seven children.

In June 1694 Dirck and Aeltje conveyed their farm in the township of Amersford or Flaclands to Hendrick Wyckoff, in exchange for other lands there, and thereafter his name was seen in connection with numerous land transfers.